Why An Attorney Is An Absolute Must When Going Through A Divorce

20 March 2017
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Going through a divorce can take quite a toll on anyone.  The stress of having to separate your life from an individual that you may have once envisioned forever with is emotionally taxing, not to mention all of the legalities that must also be handled.  If you're in the process of divorcing and are attempting to handle the matter on your own, you may want to rethink this position.  It's important to have an experienced attorney on your side. Read More 

How Do Courts Determine Child Custody?

8 March 2017
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One of the most intense issues of a divorce case is deciding child custody. As bitter as fights over money can be, they pale in comparison to when a parent feels like they're on trial for being a bad parent. However, child custody isn't about deciding who's a good parent and who's a bad parent. Here's what courts are really looking for. Best Interests of the Child The legal rule that controls the entire child custody decision is the best interests of the child standard. Read More 

Finalizing Your Divorce: 3 Important Clauses To Include In Your Alimony Agreements

1 March 2017
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Depending on the structure of your family and household, you or your former spouse might be entitled to alimony support in order to maintain the same quality of living after the divorce has been finalized. Discussing alimony can be difficult, and it can be difficult for both partners to come to an agreement on what's reasonable. Alimony agreements should not be set in stone. Your divorce attorney will want to discuss different types of clauses that should be included. Read More 

How Mediation Services Can Help Resolve A Custody Issue In Your Family

29 July 2016
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If you feel that your grown child is not properly taking care of his or her children, you might want to intervene in the situation to protect these kids. As a grandparent, this is not an easy fight to take. Not only can it be costly and time-consuming, but it can also create major fights within your family. If you want to do something about this situation, you may want to look into mediation services available through a family lawyer. Read More 

How to Avoid Getting Stuck With Student Loan Debt During Divorce

7 August 2015
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When you separate from your spouse, the assets aren't the only things that get distributed between the two of you. The debts accumulated during the marriage—and sometimes ones that came before—are also doled out to you and your ex-spouse. One bill you want to avoid getting, however, is student loan debt because it is the most difficult to deal with and cannot be purged in bankruptcy. Here are a few tips for reducing the possibility of having a family court judge lay those education loans in your lap. Read More