Can Non-Biological Parents Ever Win Custody In A Divorce?

26 June 2019
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However you have arrived at asking this question, the circumstances are difficult and would leave anybody wondering what to do and whether they could ever win. Nobody wants to battle for children that they care about, but there is some help at hand. It is absolutely possible for non-biological parents to win custody; however, to be successful in a case like this, you would need a family attorney to assist you and put forward a case. Read More 

Could Imputed Income Change The Child Support You Have To Pay?

6 May 2019
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When you're a divorced parent, you naturally expect to pay your fair share of the child support. But, what happens when your ex-spouse doesn't seem to want to play fair? If your ex-spouse is purposefully unemployed (or vastly under-employed), you may have a good reason to ask the court to impute their income to make the child support calculations fairer. What does it mean to ask the court to "impute" income to your ex-spouse? Read More 

What A Family Lawyer Needs To Handle Your Case

14 March 2019
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Sitting down with a family lawyer to discuss a case requires more than just explaining what's going on. While the specifics matter, it's important to have the ability to lay a case out straight when you go in front of a family court judge. Let's take a look at some of the things family law attorneys want clients to have available before they move ahead with cases. Documentation For example, say you're going to a family law attorney services firm to discuss a child custody issue. Read More 

What Is Passenger Fault?

23 January 2019
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When you are injured in a car accident, you likely first think about the fault of another driver. Passengers typically don't cause accidents, but that does not mean passengers cannot hold some liability in a court case. If you have been injured in a car accident, you may not realize that you could have some liability as a passenger. Who Might Cause Problems for a Driver? Everybody knows distracted driving is a problem, but many people do not realize that passengers can pose a distraction. Read More