How To Prepare For A Bankruptcy Creditor Meeting

17 October 2019
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When you file for bankruptcy, you will have to have a meeting with your creditors. Before you meet with your creditors, you should take the time to be prepared to make the process more smoothly. Here are some things you can do:

Supply Documentation to Your Attorney

You will have a list of documents you need to provide to your attorney. Your documents should be copies rather than your originals. The documents should include your proof of income, bank statements, and all correspondence of financial accounts such as pensions, investments, and the like.

If you have life insurance policies, you need to provide documents showing the value of the policies. You should provide an up-to-date statement for your car and homeowners insurance as well. In addition, provide a copy showing the balance of your home and car loans.

Have Correct Forms of Identification

Make sure you have the necessary identification before you go to your meeting. You need a valid government issued identification. This can be a driver's license, military identification card, or a passport. You also need to have proof of your social security number. If you do not have the necessary forms of identification, you will have to have your meeting at a later date, which can delay your bankruptcy discharge.

Dress Appropriately

When you attend your meeting, be sure you are dressed appropriately for the occasion. You do not need a luxury outfit, but you should wear something that makes you appear professional. Men should wear a button-down shirt with slacks. Women should wear dress pants or skirt with a nice blouse.

Do Not Bring Your Children

If you have children, be sure you have someone to care for them while you are in your meeting. This is an important meeting and you need to be able to pay full attention.

Get There Early

You should plan to get to your meeting place early. Your lawyer may want to talk about the expectations of the meeting ahead of time. If you run late, you risk delaying other meetings after yours. The meeting could even get canceled if you are late.

Make Sure Your Attorney Has Your Contact Information

Be sure your your bankruptcy attorney service has all your updated contact information ahead of your meeting. This include a home and mobile phone number and email address. You also need to have your attorney's information on hand as well in case you have any questions before your meeting.