Three Guidelines For Your Divorce Process

17 October 2017
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When you're going through a divorce that has you down and out, all you're searching for is a light at the end of the tunnel. If this is what you're in need of, it's important that you follow some divorce strategies and also reach out to a lawyer that can help you out. In order to move forward with a divorce process that goes by smoothly and to your benefit, consider the guidelines below and start contacting some lawyers: Read More 

Just Because Divorce Mediation Didn’t Work Doesn’t Mean You Have To Go To Court

11 July 2017
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Going through a divorce is rough in many ways. Whether or not you both agree to the end of your marriage may have no bearing on how things go when it comes to dividing property, assets, and the care of your children. If you hired family law attorneys to draw up the divorce papers and then realized you are not agreeing on things, you were probably advised to meet with a mediator. Read More 

When Divorce Mediation Might Not Be Right For You

9 June 2017
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An easy and quick divorce is the goal for most couples. Given the emotions that come along with the process, getting it over with and moving on is important. Divorce mediation services often seem like the way to go about this. While mediation is fast and relatively painless, when compared to a traditional divorce – it is not a good idea in every situation. History of Abuse If there is a history of abuse in your relationship, mediation might not be the route to take. Read More 

2 Reasons To Hire A Divorce Attorney

30 May 2017
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Getting a divorce can be a very difficult issue both emotionally and legally due to how complicated the entire proceeding can be, and the fact that issues can arise after the divorce proceeding has been completed. Listed below are two reasons to hire a divorce attorney. Can Help Deal With Situations Involving Hidden Assets One of the biggest reasons to hire divorce attorney is to help you deal with issues involving hidden assets. Read More 

An Uncommon Way To Be Married

18 May 2017
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Many people think that the old-fashioned marriage practice known as common law marriage is a thing of the past, but it does still exist. Not all states recognize this form of marriage, and those that do have requirements that go beyond the need to live together for a certain length of time. To learn more about this less common means of tying the knot, read on. States that recognize common law marriage: While the exact laws and rules can vary from state to state, if you live in one of the states that does recognize this form of marriage, you are expected to: Read More