2 Reasons To Hire A Divorce Attorney

30 May 2017
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Getting a divorce can be a very difficult issue both emotionally and legally due to how complicated the entire proceeding can be, and the fact that issues can arise after the divorce proceeding has been completed. Listed below are two reasons to hire a divorce attorney.

Can Help Deal With Situations Involving Hidden Assets

One of the biggest reasons to hire divorce attorney is to help you deal with issues involving hidden assets. It is not uncommon for the divorce proceeding to be completed only for one spouse to discover that their ex had hidden assets that were not taken into account or divided during the divorce. Not only is it illegal for your ex-spouse to hide these assets, but it is also a problem because you are entitled to a fair share of those assets.

In this type of situation, the divorce attorney can investigate the hidden assets, both directly and with the use of a private investigator in order to determine just how many assets were hidden. In addition, the divorce attorney can provide the value of those assets and a list of those hidden assets to a judge in order to get the judge to order that those assets be turned over to you, sold and the profits split between you and your ex, or having the assets divided out equitably between you and your ex.

Can Help Deal With Support Payment Issues

Another reason to hire a divorce attorney is that he or she can help you deal support payment issues, which are often the most common issues that you will run into after a divorce has been concluded. This is a big problem because most of the time the support payments are not put into place to screw your ex over but are intended to support yourself and your child.

However, if your ex is refusing to pay the child support order is habitually paying less than he or she has been ordered to pay, your attorney can immediately take that issue to a judge. Now, the judge will often either issue a court order requiring your ex to immediately start paying on time or face penalties that can include jail time or allow the state to start garnishing your ex's wages.

Make an appointment with a divorce attorney today to discuss how he or she may be able to help you out with the divorce process and any issues that may arise after the divorce proceedings have been completed.  You should consider hiring a divorce attorney because he or she can help you deal with situations involving hidden assets and support payment issues.

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