Two Times When It’s Best To File Chapter 20 Bankruptcy

19 October 2020
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Despite its official-sounding name, chapter 20 is not a type of bankruptcy you can file but rather a strategic way of using a combination of chapter 7 and chapter 13 to deal with debt that neither individual bankruptcy option can handle alone. While it's not a good option for every type of financial situation, here are two times when it can be beneficial. You Have Way Too Much Debt Chapter 13 bankruptcy lets you pay off your debts over a period of 3 to 5 years. Read More 

Why You Should Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney When You’re Faced With A Plea Deal

21 May 2020
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With so many charges against you and a possible jail or prison sentence looming against you, it can be hard to understand what your options are. A criminal defense attorney is your key to helping you navigate your case best, and this professional can assist you in minimizing your sentence, if possible. If the prosecuting attorney is looking to fit you with a plea deal and you haven't accepted yet — or even if you have — then it's time to consult with a criminal defense attorney. Read More