Why You Should Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney When You're Faced With A Plea Deal

21 May 2020
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With so many charges against you and a possible jail or prison sentence looming against you, it can be hard to understand what your options are. A criminal defense attorney is your key to helping you navigate your case best, and this professional can assist you in minimizing your sentence, if possible.

If the prosecuting attorney is looking to fit you with a plea deal and you haven't accepted yet — or even if you have — then it's time to consult with a criminal defense attorney. Here are reasons why.

Your plea deal may come with stipulations

Plea deals sometimes come with stipulations, such as the inability to appeal a case once the plea deal has been agreed to and a sentenced given. Or, a plea deal may be offered, but not carry the same benefits to you as it may for other defendants in similar situations. It's best to hire a criminal defense attorney to argue your rights and perform other tasks to help you feel more confident with your plea deal so you don't accidentally accept a plea deal that doesn't work for you.

You may change your mind after conviction

If your case was sentenced under certain guidelines, you may be able to appeal your case after conviction. This means you can challenge your sentencing so long as you can prove there were flaws related to the way you were represented by your attorney or that there were issues with the actual conviction process by the judge. In order to best receive approval from the supreme court to proceed in your case, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney to assist you.

There is also the option of withdrawing a guilty plea, which may be available to you but should only be done under the advice of legal counsel. Even if you are unsure about your rights to appeal your case after taking a plea deal or doing other things regarding your sentencing, your criminal defense attorney will help you file appropriate paperwork so you don't miss any state or jurisdiction deadlines in order to make an appeal plausible.

Regardless of whether you are comfortable with your plea deal or not, you should hire a criminal defense attorney to explain this option to you. With proper counsel, you'll stand a better chance at not only understanding your case and its potential outcome but having a rebuttal for your situation should you choose to fight.

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