Are You Sure You’re Not Hurt After That Accident?

22 July 2021
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Car accident injuries can be deceiving. For the sake of your health and to make sure your accident claim goes smoothly, it's important to seek medical treatment after the accident. However, many accidents leave victims feeling just fine until they aren't. Read on and learn more about the connection between compensation and injuries after a car accident. Personal Injuries The term personal injury applies to civil law. Of the several types of civil law, only personal injury cases require that the victim have physical injuries. Read More 

3 Tried And Tested Strategies A Child Custody Lawyer Will Use In Your Sole Custody Battle

17 May 2021
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Your divorce will likely be the most stressful and disruptive period of your life. After putting effort into your marriage, it's normal for emotions to run high when the relationship comes to an end. In the midst of your divorce, you may disagree with your ex over many things, including the division of money, assets, and even children. As a parent, you want what is best for your child, and while most courts recommend 50/50 parenting, in some cases, it's not always the best outcome. Read More 

What To Do When You Have An Arrest Warrant For Driving With A Revoked License

5 March 2021
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If there is a warrant out for your arrest because you were driving with a revoked license and it was turned into a felony, you are better off turning yourself in to the police after you have contacted an experienced felony attorney. Trying to avoid capture or fleeing the country will likely backfire. However, there is a better approach to take than to simply turn yourself into the police. Don't Wait for the Police to Arrest You Read More