3 Tried And Tested Strategies A Child Custody Lawyer Will Use In Your Sole Custody Battle

17 May 2021
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Your divorce will likely be the most stressful and disruptive period of your life. After putting effort into your marriage, it's normal for emotions to run high when the relationship comes to an end. In the midst of your divorce, you may disagree with your ex over many things, including the division of money, assets, and even children.

As a parent, you want what is best for your child, and while most courts recommend 50/50 parenting, in some cases, it's not always the best outcome. If you are in such a situation and want full custody, you will need a child custody lawyer in your corner. Here are a few strategies that your lawyer will use to give you an upper hand in your custody case. 

1. Assess your situation

Before you even go to court, your child custody attorney will assess your unique situation. If you haven't yet filed for custody, your attorney will attempt mediation. Your lawyer will work with the other parent and try to obtain superior results for you while avoiding a long and expensive court battle.

2. Gather evidence that the courts will consider

If you and the other parent can't reach an agreement, you'll proceed to court for a judge to decide on who receives full custody. For the judge to grant you full custody of your kids, your lawyer will help you create a detailed parenting plan and gather evidence such as expense records and parenting time calculations. This evidence will help convince the judge to rule in your favor. 

3. Expose your ex's persistent bad behavior

To win your sole child custody case, it's important that you be on the judge's good side. One way to do this is to provide clear and convincing evidence of the wrong things your ex does that may warrant the termination of their parental rights. In this, your child custody lawyer will help you track persistent bad behavior exhibited by your ex, including not picking the child on time or even abandonment. In addition, if you're aware that your ex abuses alcohol and other drugs, your lawyer will document this abuse and present it as evidence in court. These things will go a long way to proving to the judge that you're the more suitable parent for your children.

Divorce can trigger anger and animosity, and children often pay the price. However, if you wish to get sole custody of your children, it's important that you retain a child custody lawyer. Your lawyer will evaluate your situation and build a strong case to increase the odds of a successful outcome. Contact a child custody lawyer for more information.