Child Support Mistakes To Avoid

28 June 2018
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Divorce can be very complicated, and when children are involved, child support can make everything more complex. If you are in the process of getting divorced or are recently divorced, it is important to have a clear understanding about child support so you do not make any mistakes. You should also hire an experienced child support attorney to assist you with child support issues, to ensure that your best interests are protected. If you will be paying child support, avoid the following common mistakes:

Neglecting to Report Income Changes to the Court

If you are paying child support, it is your responsibility to report changes in your income to the court. If you lose your job, have your hours cut, or take a new job with a lower salary, your child support obligation will be reduced. But, it is also important to report changes if your income increases. You need to be honest if you receive a raise or take a new position that pays more. In the event that your income increase, your child support payments will as well. Neglecting to report changes in income can lead to issues for you, so always report the changes promptly.

Not Understanding All of the Details

Before any type of child support agreement is finalized, it is essential to clearly understand every single detail included in the agreement. Most people know that child support involves paying a monthly sum to the custodial parent to go towards the financial needs of the children. But child support can also include other things, such as school clothes, paying for a portion of day care, or covering some or all of the cost of extracurricular activities. Understanding all of the details in a child support agreement will ensure that you don't fail to pay for something your legally obligated to.

Using Non Court Approved Payment Methods

Family court dictates what methods a parent can use to make child support payments. It is always in your best interest to use these approved payments methods. When you use court approved payment methods, there will be a paper trail showing that you did meet your financial obligation for the month. Never pay your child support in cash. Even if you are on good terms with your ex-spouse, paying in cash is never a good idea since there is no way for you to prove that you actually made your payment.