Why Is It Necessary To Work With A Legal Advisor In Your Uncontested Divorce

19 July 2022
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Although no couple hopes to dissolve their marriage, some issues arise, forcing them to divorce. When this time comes, it is advisable to discuss with your soon-to-be ex-spouse the procedure to follow so that you can have a flawless process. For these reasons, you might choose an uncontested divorce because you will have an amicable solution to different issues. In this case, you can discuss and agree on how to share property, co-parent, and other matters without major legal help. However, working with a divorce lawyer is necessary, even in uncontested divorces for the following reasons:

They Will Help You to Make Informed Decisions

Your legal advisor will start by explaining the facts about your case to enable you to understand the important aspects of your divorce process. They will then advise you on the best solution for different situations. Say you had bought expensive assets during your marriage. Your attorney can advise you to buy out your partner or instruct you to sell the property and divide the proceeds. Your legal advisor will also advise you when negotiating your kids' custody and support to avoid misunderstandings and disagreements in the future.

In addition, they will mediate all the important facts that could cause hostility or make your divorce contested. For example, your attorney will evaluate your working schedule, school vacations, children's school activities, and other issues when guiding you on how to prepare a parenting plan. These considerations will ensure that both parties are satisfied with the parenting arrangement to prevent court battles down the road.

They Will Ensure You Avoid Costly Mistakes

There is a possibility that you may get emotional when discussing certain issues, regardless of agreeing to have an uncontested divorce. When this happens, you might make decisions without thinking of their consequences. Your attorney can help you avoid this by helping you make sensible decisions that will benefit you in the future.

They Will Provide the Protection

Handling the legal process yourself puts you at risk of losing some of your assets or parental rights. The legal team representing your partner might advise them to go after your assets or convince you to sign a child custody agreement that gives them more parental rights. This explains why you should consider working with a legal advisor because they know how to counter any tactics your partner's lawyer may use to get the upper hand in your case.

An uncontested divorce might be manageable, even if you don't work with a lawyer. However, legal representation is necessary because you will get the best advice. Because of this, you will avoid mistakes that might make marriage dissolution contested in the future. Reach out to an uncontested divorce lawyer near you to learn more.